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Ottawa is no stranger to springtime showers and winter blizzards. But as much as we love the May tulips and skating on the Canal, we’d prefer that the precipitation stay outside of our homes. While Ottawa’s newer houses are typically equipped with weatherproof windows, the older ones are often prone to leaks and drafts.

If your windows aren’t standing up against the snow, rain and chilly temperatures, it’s probably time to look into window replacement and installation. At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we offer a wide selection of windows with weather shield features. Here are a few that you should know about: • Insulated glass Featuring a minimum of two windowpanes, insulated glass windows are used to retain heat inside the home, while keeping cold air out. They’re also energy-efficient since the home expends less power to stay warm. Every window we sell is made from 7/8” insulated glass. Using an innovative all-silicone foam formula and dual-seal design, these windows help keep the home shielded from extreme temperatures. • Built-in weather strip system If you live in an older house in Ottawa, you’ve probably tried to winterize your home with weather stripping. While a pain to install, this material is relatively effective at preventing window leaks and providing further insulation, but only if it’s mounted correctly. If you’re looking into window replacement, it’s wise to consider windows with a built-in weather strip system. Our single hung and double hung tilt-in windows and slider windows all have multi-weather strip systems. These integrated systems feature three strips on the sash, two on the interlock and one on the frame. • Awning casement windows If you keep your windows open at all times, awning casement windows are a great choice for your next window installation. Like traditional awnings, these vinyl windows open on an outward slant. Even during poor weather, the window’s steep angle allows precipitation to run off it, so you can still enjoy a breeze in your home without inviting the raindrops in. The cost of weather-proof windows Are windows with weather shields more expensive? Not necessarily. To help you find the perfect windows for your budget, Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offers a wide selection of different models. We also provide rebates and financing options to help you achieve your window replacement sooner. Ready to learn more about our windows? If you’re looking for climate-friendly windows in Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place. Contact the experts today at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors for your free estimate.


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