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Browse the Collection of French Doors in Ottawa

For an extra touch of style and charm, French doors are elegant options for your home’s interior or exterior. They increase a home’s beauty and curb appeal without a full remodel and—for exterior French doors—come well-insulated to guard against harsh weather conditions, no matter what time of year it is!


Not every customer wants a typical sliding door to the patio or garden, and French doors are a functional and elegant alternative. We’re proud of our product versatility at Canadian Comfort. Our expert staff members are always happy to discuss these options with you so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your home. Let us be your first choice if you want French doors in Ottawa installed anywhere in your home! 

What Makes French Doors Different From Other Doors Styles? 

The main difference between French doors and traditional doors are the design details; such as French doors usually come in pairs and are opened from the center. Doors may open to the inside or the outside, depending on customer preference. Those who have adequate space often choose French doors as options for entryways leading to a patio or garden. French doors offer many options specific to their design, as seen below: 

  • Wrought iron with clear glass

  • Brass or zinc accents

  • Hinge and knob or door handle styles

  • Multiple surrounding colours and finishes

  • Transoms and sidelights

  • Security and weather-resistant construction for exterior French doors

  • Lighter weight door options for interior use

  • Customizable elements

Why Do They Call It a French Door? 

You can easily recognize a French door as it is one of the top door styles that are used by Ottawa homeowners due to varied reasons. This classic door style came into popularity in 17th century France. Its symmetrical design is one of the key elements that defines the French Renaissance period, leading to the French doors as we all know them today.  


According to French architects, they are referred to as porte-fenêtre or window doors, as they were originally merely oversized windows. However, modern French doors have evolved over a period of time from their traditional style and design. Currently, French doors come in various materials, such as uPVC, composite, aluminum and timber.  

What Size Is a French Door? 

When it comes to French door sizes, it ranges from standard factory size to custom-fit sizes and uneven measurements to suit your unique and older spaces in Ottawa. As they are installed as a pair of doors that swings out from the center of the door opening, there are two standard types of French doors available - in-swing and out-swing. 


Standard French door size starts from 1 foot 6 inches, extending to 3 feet wide. Fitting with standard door openings, stock door heights are 6 feet 8 inches or 7 feet and 8 feet. If you are uncertain about your exterior/interior opening size, you can always check with a professional contractor or consultant before making the purchase. 

What Is the Difference Between Garden Doors and French Doors? 

Generally, whenever customers need to access their patios, garden or the outdoors, they usually install a garden or a French door. We have computed a list of basic differences between the two for your better understanding: 



Although both types of doors look the same, their design is different. Garden doors are designed to have one solid door and one opening door. On the other hand, French doors have two opening doors, offering a larger opening, better ventilation and more passage space. 



As discussed above, you get a wilder passage to pass with French doors compared to garden doors. This largely helps you when you are hosting a large party at your home with many people moving around—making their movement smooth and efficient. 



When it comes to sturdiness, both have their respective pros and cons. French doors do not have solid center support as both the doors open. Whereas garden doors have a sturdier center as only one door opens.  


The above are the slight differences between garden doors and French doors. You can choose from our wide selection as per your preferences.  

Difference Between French and Patio Doors 

You might get confused between a French door and patio doors for your Ottawa homes. You can compare and differentiate between the two types of doors based on: 

  • Its security 
  • Its design 
  • Its appearance 
  • Its performance  
  • Its cost  

French doors are more elegant looking, they have a traditional touch to them yet give a spacious and modern look to your property. On the other hand, the patio doors have one fixed window pane that is operable or closed. You can choose to have your patio door frame made by sliding it horizontally on a track.  

Benefits of French Doors in Ottawa 

Apart from increasing your curb and home appeal, you can experience the following benefits of French doors: 

  • With both panels opening, it provides maximum airflow 
  • Provides maximum brightness and unimpeded views


French doors come with a variety of options such as: 

  • Tilt and turn function for secure ventilation
  • Multi-point locking mechanism
  • Internal mini-blinds providing privacy
  • Low profile frames with or without visible hinges
  • You can choose from standard to custom colours
  • It is available as a factory pre-painted option
  • It comes in a maintenance-free vinyl option
  • Comes in smooth paint-grade or textured stain-grade

You can choosefrom a variety of French doors to custom fit your homes, including in spaces without standardmeasurements as well. Let the fresh breeze refresh your homes with our French doors.

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