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High-Quality Double-Hung Windows for your Ottawa Home

Are you looking to add value to your property? You’ll be surprised to know how replacing windows can change the look and feel of your home or office. Turn to Canadian Comfort for double-hung windows in Ottawa. These windows feature a lower sash and an upper sash, and are an ultimate combination of traditional style and modern technology. The two sections of these versatile windows can be pushed up, one over the other to open like a single-hung window, or tilted open individually for easy cleaning and greater security when you have the windows open. Windows can be opened from both the top and bottom making it easy to operate. Double-hung windows also eliminate the safety concerns associated with using a ladder to clean the windows on the upper floors. These models come with latches for security, which when released enable you to clean both the inner and outer surface from inside the room.

Double-hung windows in Ottawa also offer better ventilation as they can be opened both from the top and bottom. The vinyl windows are more durable than most of the other window frames and are available in custom sizes to suit your requirements. Besides being durable, the double-hung tilt-in vinyl windows are waterproof. Also, the windows are crafted to keep the cold out during winters and the heat out in summers thereby reducing your energy consumption.

Features of the double-hung windows carried by Canadian Comfort

Two operable sashes move vertically and tilt in for easy cleaning
Fusion-welded corners on both frame and sash
Spring-loaded balances and full pull rails on sash provide easy operation
Multi-weatherstrip system (3 on sash, 1 on frame and 2 on interlock)
Positive interlock for strength, energy efficiency and beauty
Large multi-chamber sashes and frames offer strength and insulation
7/8″ insulated glass utilizes an advanced all-silicone foam formula and a unique dual-seal design. Super Spacer® from Edgetech delivers on the promise of warm-edge technology
Optional Night latches
Full screen for optimal ventilation
Double Hung Vinyl Windows


Walk in or contact Canadian Comfort in Nepean for vinyl windows for your property. We can help in installing or replacing your windows. Whether you’re considering double-hung windows as part of a window replacement project or window installation process, the professionals at Canadian Comfort will be happy to help.

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Energy Efficiency: While accurate measurements are required, double hung windows in Ottawa are capable of being quadruple weather-stripped. This option will serve as a barrier preventing heat from leaking out of the window and cold air from seeping in.
Easy Cleaning: Modern double hung windows tilt out at an angle, which allows for easy access to the window surface for cleaning.
Versatile: Double-hung windows are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and hence are a viable option for many different types of homes and other structures.
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