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Doors have to be tough in Ottawa to withstand the harsh winter weather. However, even the most solidly built door can run into issues. Here are some common problems homeowners run into with their door in winter and what you can do to fix them.

Your locks are frozen

Locks can freeze when moisture inside the keyhole turns into ice. If you have a frozen lock, trying heating a key with a candle or lighter and inserting it into the lock. You can also use lock de-icer, which is available at most hardware stores and home renovation centres. The door is misaligned

Wooden doors and frames expand and contract when the temperature changes. This means your door may start binding in places when the temperature drops. It may also stop latching. One solution is to replace the screws connecting your hinges to the door jamb. This will allow you to better set the door within the frame and uphold the door’s weight. Your replacement screws should be slightly bigger than the existing ones. This ensures a tight fit that won’t come loose. Three-inch screws are best, as you want to drill through the jamb and into the stud. There’s a draft coming from the door

If you can feel cool air slipping into your home from around your front door, it may be time to replace the weatherstrip. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive process. Weatherstrip is available at most hardware stores and home renovation centres. Take the old stripping with you to the store so you can match it. The door’s colour has faded

The exterior of your doors are subject to everything Mother Nature dishes out: sun, wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures. Consequently, doors can start to lose their colour. To refresh your door’s colour, apply a moisture-resistant paint. If your front door is made of wood, you may want to consider replacing it with a fibreglass door. These types of entry doors are resistant to rot and pests and can be designed to look like a wood door. Replacement doors in Ottawa

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is proud to provide top-quality doors that are designed to insulate homes against all kinds of weather. We stand by our work and consequently guarantee our door installations for 10 years. Contact us today to get a free estimate on a new door for your home.


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