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sliding door

A sliding patio door is a great addition to almost any home, but failing to maintain it can make the door difficult to open and close. This can eventually damage the hardware and door frame as well as cause the door to come off its tracks. Here are four tips to help you keep your sliding patio door functioning properly.

Clean the tracks and rollers An accumulation of dirt, leaves and other debris can clog the rollers and cause the door to stick. Its best to clean the tracks at least once a month. Carefully remove the panels and vacuum up loose debris. Next, apply warm soapy water or a mixture of white vinegar and water to wipe away any dirt. Scrub with a toothbrush to remove caked-on grime and use a butter knife wrapped in paper towel to clean out narrow grooves. Check the door’s alignment If your patio door doesn’t slide smoothly after the tracks have been cleaned, adjust the screws that hold the rollers in place. Located on either side of the door at the base, these screws allow you to change the height of the sliding door and thereby enable it to glide better. If the door comes off its tracks, insert the door’s top rollers in the upper track and slowly guide the bottom of the door into place. Replace the weatherstripping Weatherstripping plays an important role in keeping dirt off the tracks. It also prevents water from seeping under the door. Over time, however, this rubbery sealant can crack or wear out. If this happens, loosen the staples with a flat-head screwdriver and use pliers to carefully pull off the old weatherstripping. Install the new material according to the product’s directions, making sure it’s properly aligned. Remove the screen in winter If your sliding patio door screen is exposed to the elements, it’s advisable to remove it in the fall. Otherwise, harsh winter weather conditions can warp the screen’s frame and tear the netting. Plus, the screen can trap snow and moisture around the patio door frame, causing further damage. Autumn is also a good time to rinse the screen and check for any rips that may require the netting to be mended or replaced. Custom exterior doors in the Ottawa area If you need a new patio or garden door for your home, the experienced staff at Canadian Comfort Windows and Doors can help. We’re a leading provider of doors, siding and windows in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We also offer expert installation services. Contact us today for more information or to request a free estimate on your next project.


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