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window screens winter

As the cold weather approaches, there are several steps that homeowners should take to prepare their property for the months ahead. Here are four reasons to remove your window screens when you winterize your home.

To avoid damaging your windows If you don’t remove screens before winter, they’ll trap snow against the glass and allow it to accumulate. This prolonged exposure to cold moisture can damage the window frame, sashes and sill. Additionally, strong winter winds and heavy snow can bow, loosen or rip the screen. To prevent mould growth If you have casement windows in your home, failing to remove the screens before winter will lead to an accumulation of moisture that promotes mildew and mould growth. This is because the screens, which are located on the inside of this type of window, trap condensation that forms on the cold glass. To let in more natural light Windows that don’t have screens let in more natural light, especially if they face east or south. In addition to brightening up your home during the darkest months of the year, this extra sunlight helps heat your home during the day, which can ease the strain on your HVAC system and lower your energy bills. To properly insulate your windows If you have single-pane windows in your home, you should install storm windows before winter to help prevent warm indoor air from escaping through the glass. In order to mount storm windows, you need to remove the screens. However, you should also consider replacing these windows with insulated multi-pane models. How to clean and store screens Cleaning your window screens when you remove them in the fall will help keep them in good condition. Start by vacuuming both sides of each screen to remove dust and cobwebs. Then, gently wash them with soapy water and a sponge or microfibre cloth. Rinse the screens and allow them to air dry completely before you put them away for the winter. Be sure to store them somewhere they won’t get damaged, and label each screen using masking tape so you know where they go in the spring. You should also take the opportunity to clean the window sashes and tracks. Replacement windows in the Ottawa area If you want to upgrade your windows before winter, Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is a trusted supplier of premium vinyl windows for homeowners in the Ottawa region. We also source and install a variety of well-insulated doors. For more information about our window installation services, or to request a free estimate, contact us today. Based in Nepean, we serve most communities in the Ottawa area including Kanata, Manotick and Gloucester.


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