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7 ways to create a brighter interior

Photo of a light and cozy living room

Dark interiors can feel cold, unwelcoming and depressing, and finding inexpensive ways to brighten a gloomy room can be challenging. Here are seven creative ways to quickly add airiness to your indoor space.

1. Use mirrors to reflect light

Strategically place mirrors near windows to amplify natural lighting. You can also try placing a lamp next to a mirror for a similar effect.

2. Layer light sources

Incorporate multiple light sources into your décor. For example, play around with overhead lighting, floor lamps, fairy lights and other ambient light sources to make your space sparkle.

3. Rearrange furniture

Rearrange furniture that’s obstructing the light coming through your windows. Getting rid of bulky décor and unnecessary clutter can also make your space look and feel bigger and brighter.

4. Choose a neutral area rug

If you have dark flooring, laying down a large, light area rug can help brighten up your space. Patterns work, too, as long as they’re subtle and light toned.

5. Install light-coloured window coverings

Hang light-coloured or semi-sheer window treatments to allow natural light to flood your space while still providing privacy.

6. Cut back outdoor greenery

Although oak trees with large branches and lush green shrubs are beautiful from the outside, they may be blocking the light from coming into your home. Trim back overgrown foliage to bring new life into your space.

7. Clean the windows

Just like smudged eyeglasses obstruct your sight, dirty windows limit light infiltration and visibility in your living spaces. Therefore, ensure you regularly clean your windows with a glass cleaner, inside and out.

If you want to really open up your space, you can invest in larger windows or all-glass patio doors that let the outside light in. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors can design and install large, custom picture windows, stylish bow vinyl windows that capture light from all directions and French doors that give your home an extra touch of style and charm.

Patio doors and windows in Ottawa

Look no further than Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors to brighten up your living space. We carry a wide variety of high-quality window and door products, including bay windows and awning windows, as well as garden doors and sliding doors. Our team specializes in installing and replacing all types of patio doors and windows and offers a 10-year labour guarantee. Contact us today in Ottawa to learn more about what we can do for you or to get a free estimate.


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