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Energy-Saving Tips: Window Upgrades for Cold Climate Regions

It can get very cold in Ottawa during the winter. Keeping your house warm during the frigid winter months can take a lot of energy, which means your utility bills go way up. And no matter how much you turn the heat up, you just can’t seem to get the house to feel properly warm.


It could be that your windows are the problem. Older windows are less efficient and can let cold air in when you don’t want it. They’re not as well insulated and may even have cracks in them.


Did you know that there are ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your home? You don’t have to spend quite so much money on energy costs. Upgrading your windows to more modern options is a great way to help mitigate that energy loss.

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Read on for energy-saving tips and why you should upgrade your home’s windows.


Why Upgrade Your Windows

Heat leaves your house through the windows all the time. Especially if you have older windows that are not well-insulated or sealed, this can cost you a lot more money than you might think. In fact, windows account for up to 25% of the total heat loss from your home.


Improving the energy efficiency of your windows is the single biggest way you can reduce your energy usage. In addition to keeping heat in and reducing your energy consumption, modern energy efficient windows can also make your house feel warmer by reducing cold spots and controlling humidity.


Energy Efficient Windows

Low-E Coatings

Low-E coatings are ultra-thin layers that are applied to the surface of the glass. They’re virtually invisible, which allows natural light to enter, but they block harmful UV rays and minimize heat transfer. Low-E coatings are a must-have feature for energy efficient windows in the cold climate of Ottawa.


Triple Panes

Triple-pane windows are the next level of insulation in windows. Three layers of glass and two insulating spaces mean they are highly effective at keeping your heat inside where it belongs during the winter. These energy efficient windows are ideal for Ottawa’s climate.


Energy Star

One thing to look out for in any window product is the Energy Star certification. Replacing old windows with Energy Star windows can reduce energy consumption by 13% alone without even factoring in other energy-efficient features.



There are many different ways to help reduce the heat loss from your home’s windows. Whether you’re looking for replacements for your current home or you are building a new house and are shopping for options, it’s clear that modern windows provide much more energy efficiency and environmentally friendly than older options.


Canadian Comfort Provides Energy Efficient Windows

For more than 50 years, Canadian Comfort has been consistently providing Energy Star windows for homeowners in Ottawa. If you’re looking to upgrade your home to more energy efficient windows you can give us a call and we’ll put our experience to work for you. You won’t have to be cold in the winter any longer.


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