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How long do PVC windows stay beautiful?

Kitchen with PVC windows

PVC vinyl windows have always been known for their durability, clean appearance and need for little to no maintenance. Today’s PVC windows are more resilient than ever, with technological advancements that’ll make your windows gleam like new for decades to come. Here’s more information on the lifespan of PVC windows.

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer of plastic made from fossil fuels. It comes in rigid and flexible forms. The rigid type of PVC is a popular construction material in Canada because it’s lightweight, low maintenance and withstands extreme temperatures. It has commonly replaced wood and aluminum for applications such as siding, flooring and window frames. PVC can be recycled about seven times and has a lifespan of around 140 years.

PVC comes in several colours and finishes, including a photo-effect wood finish. The material is durable and resists damage from chemicals, sunlight and water, which makes it a superior material for window frames.

PVC durability

Standard PVC window frames don’t fade or warp over time and can last 40 to 50 years with little maintenance required. They’re easy to clean and provide good insulation and energy efficiency. Today, technological advancements are making PVC even more durable. Consider these quality options in PVC technology:

  • North Star Windows & Doors. This Ontario-based manufacturer uses a patented Fusion Colour Wrap system to prevent chipping or peeling. A multi-layered film is applied to the vinyl with a polyurethane reactive hot melt, creating a permanent bond between the wrap and the vinyl. The result is a material that’s highly resistant to scratches and abrasions, unaffected by environmental pollutants and easily cleaned with mild household cleaners.

  • GenTek Building Products. GenTek, another Canadian window manufacturer, incorporates a patented IntegraWeld fusion welding process to increase the strength and structural integrity of its frames and sashes. The weathertight frames are fortified with heavy-duty metal to securely fasten the window’s hardware and provide additional durability.

PVC windows in Ottawa

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is a proud supplier of premium PVC vinyl windows from North Star and Gentek, two top Canadian manufacturers. And you buy with confidence because every North Star window comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. In addition, our installation work is guaranteed for 10 years. Check out our selection of windows and doors in our Ottawa showroom, or contact us to get a free quote on your window replacement and installation.


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