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Patio with wooden doors

Choosing the perfect patio door can be difficult. Since there are so many styles and types to choose from, finding one that’s both attractive and functional takes time and effort. You also need to decide what your patio door should be made from. Here are some common patio door materials you should know more about to help get you started.

Common patio door materials Wood patio doors Wood is the most traditional choice of material for patio doors and offers a classic. They tend to be more expensive but can last a long time. However, wood is porous and is likely to rot when exposed to moisture so you need to maintain it regularly with stain or paint. Wood also warps and expands with changes in temperature and humidity. It also isn’t very energy efficient. That being said, this material is easy to work with and therefore comes in a wide variety of styles. Aluminum patio doors Aluminum is lightweight and inexpensive and is, therefore, a popular material for patio doors. It resists mould and mildew and can withstand conditions in harsh environments. Aluminum is energy efficient and great for moderate climates. However, scratches and dings in the material can lead to corrosion. Fibreglass patio doors Fibreglass is a lightweight yet durable material that can be made to look like wood and other natural materials. You can also paint over it. It’s energy efficient, so it’s a good material for harsh climates. It won’t warp or peel and will last many years. Vinyl patio doors Vinyl is the most affordable material used to make patio doors. It comes in a variety of colours and can be made to look like wood. It’s water resistant and energy efficient. It’s also one of the easiest materials to install and maintain. Plus, it’s recyclable. Vinyl doesn’t rot, but can flake and warp if exposed to dramatic temperature changes. Vinyl is also hard to repair and can be brittle, so it can be difficult to equip it with door hardware. Steel patio doors When it comes to exterior doors, steel is a great choice because it doesn’t shrink or expand with temperature and humidity fluctuations. Steel is the sturdiest material offering the maximum amount of security for your home. Like aluminum, steel is easy to maintain and energy efficient. However, since dings and scratches can lead to rust, it’s important to repair them. A patio door supplier serving Ottawa and the surrounding area The experts at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors can help you select the best patio or garden door for your needs. We’re proud to offer an extensive collection of Gentek and North Star doors so you can choose a high-quality product that truly meets your needs. We offer custom, exterior doors as well, so don’t hesitate to inquire if you’re looking for a specific type of door. To speak with one of our staff members or get a free estimate, contact us at our Ottawa location today.


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