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What door style should you choose based on your Ottawa home?

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Exterior doors are available in a multitude of beautiful styles and colours. And although a door looks attractive in the showroom, it may not provide the desired look for your home’s entranceway. So, what door style best complements the architectural design of your home? Here are some suggestions for the most popular home styles in Ottawa.

Gothic. Gothic-style homes are known for their dramatic and ornate architectural elements, and the door style you choose should match this esthetic. Look for exterior doors featuring pointed arches, intricate carvings and elaborate details. A wrought-iron door will enhance the Gothic charm. Dark, rich wood tones or stained-glass inserts will make a bold statement.

Colonial. If your Ottawa home boasts classic colonial architecture, a door style that exudes timeless elegance is the ideal choice. Opt for a traditional panel door with raised or recessed panels and executive panels on each side. This style perfectly complements the symmetry and understated charm of colonial homes.

Victorian. Victorian-style homes are renowned for their ornate architectural details and intricate designs. To preserve the timeless beauty of these homes, opt for exterior doors that feature intricate panels, decorative glasswork and elaborate hardware. This combination will seamlessly blend with the grandeur of your Ottawa Victorian home.

Contemporary. For contemporary-style homes that emphasize clean lines and simplicity, a minimalist door style is a perfect match. Consider sleek, flush doors with smooth surfaces and minimal embellishments like the 730 series. These exterior doors provide seamless integration with the overall modern esthetic of your Ottawa home.

Craftsman. Craftsman-style homes embrace a rustic and natural charm that calls for a door style with character and warmth. Look for doors featuring intricate details like decorative glass inserts or wrought iron accents. These elements add a touch of authenticity and visual interest to your Ottawa home, capturing the essence of the Craftsman style.

Cottage. Cottage-style homes often evoke a coastal atmosphere with their relaxed and inviting ambiance. To complement this charming esthetic, consider doors with a light and airy feel. Choose a door style that incorporates glass panels, allowing natural light to flood your home's entryway. Additionally, choose soft, muted colours that reflect the serene coastal palette, further enhancing the cottage-inspired vibe.

Remember to consider practical aspects such as durability, energy efficiency and security when choosing a door for your home.

Exterior Doors Installation in Ottawa

At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, our large selection of door sizes, panel designs, configurations, glass options and colours means you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home. We’re a factory-authorized dealer for Entryguard front doors, a leader in the residential door industry. Contact us today at our Ottawa showroom to learn more about our door selection.


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