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If you’re in the market for a new front door, you should take the time to find one that suits your needs and preferences. Some people prioritize privacy, while others want a door that lets in ample natural light. Here are a few front door window options that’ll allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


This type of glass is produced by sandblasting a clear sheet of glass. The resulting pitted surface makes the glass translucent, which means it obscures visibility without blocking any natural light. You can choose to have the entire window frosted or add character to your front door by having a design etched onto the glass. TEXTURED GLASS

Also known as patterned glass, this style is created by pressing designs into the glass while it’s still semi-molten. This type of window is available in a wide variety of patterns and textures. This allows you to choose one that suits the style of your home and your desired degree of visibility through the window. Just like frosted glass, however, textured glass doesn’t prevent natural light from streaming into your home. STAINED GLASS

If you want to make your front door a statement piece, opting for a stained-glass window could be the right decision. Choose from an array of colours and patterns to create a wonderful work of art you can admire every time you walk through the front door. Keep in mind that while you’ll still benefit from natural light, its hue will depend on the colour of the glass in the window. INTERNAL BLINDS

This is a good option if you want the ability to alternate between full visibility and total privacy. Internal blinds are horizontal blinds fitted between two panes of glass. Using a remote control or magnetic slider, you can raise, lower and angle the blinds to suit your needs at any given time. WINDOW FILM

If you want more privacy but upgrading your front door isn’t an option, installing a window film is a practical alternative. This thin laminate sheet adheres to the window and is easy to remove if you rent your home and can’t make permanent changes. The film creates a look similar to frosted glass and provides the same benefits in terms of privacy and natural light. UPDATE THE EXTERIOR DOORS OF YOUR OTTAWA HOME

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offers a selection of high-quality doors for homes in the Ottawa area. Plus, you can count on our team of experienced technicians to provide quick and effective installation services. For more information about our products or to request a quote, contact us today.


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