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How to improve front door security in your home

Photo of a locked front door

You spend time and money looking for a front door to increase your home’s curb appeal that reflects your style to visitors. However, as the primary entrance to your home, your front door needs to be safe and secure to keep unwanted visitors out. Here are some tips for improving your front security.

Replace your exterior doors

If your door is old, rotten or rusting, consider replacing it with a solid, modern, high-performance door from a reputable manufacturer. Steel doors are the most secure, and today’s steel doors come in various styles and colours to suit any home. Solid wood and fibreglass are also good choices for home security.

Replace the door frame

A new door in an old rotten frame is still a security risk. If your frame is rotten or loose, replace it with treated, solid timber. Add a door jamb reinforcement kit, which includes hinge guards, a metal piece to make the door more difficult to push out and strike plates to protect the deadbolt.

Install a deadbolt

Standard door locks don’t have the strength to withstand strong blows. A deadbolt in a sturdy frame is the best way to strengthen your door.

Re-key your lock and change keypad codes

If you’re moving into a home for the first time, re-key all the exterior locks or replace them. The former residents, their families, friends and contractors may have copies of your house keys. Change the code on all keypads and keyless entry systems.

Remove glass

Having glass panes in and around your exterior door makes it easier for unwanted visitors to enter your home. If you have panes of glass on your door, consider replacing it with a solid steel, wood or fibreglass door.

Keep exterior door areas well-lit

Thieves don’t like to be seen, so light up your exterior entry points and avoid giving potential intruders anywhere to hide. Motion sensor lights activate at the slightest movement, startling anyone trying to approach your home under cover of darkness.

Install a video doorbell

A video doorbell can let you see and talk to anyone at the front door through your smartphone. The device can give the illusion that you’re home even when you’re not. You can also screen visitors without having to open the door.

Keep your doors locked

Keep doors and windows locked, even when you’re home. Brazen thieves can enter your home when you’re working in the yard, having a shower or taking a nap.

Entryguard exterior doors in Ottawa

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