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Replacing windows during winter seems counterintuitive to most people. Homeowners worry that the outside temperature will affect the quality of the installation or that their house will get cold while the work is being done. However, installing windows in winter is not as impractical as you might think. In this article, the team at Canadian Comfort answers some of the questions we get asked most about winter window installations.

Are window installations less effective in winter? Homeowners are often skeptical about whether the adhesives used in the installation process will work well in winter. The fact is that as with many construction materials, there are adhesives suited for mild temperatures and ones suited for freezing temperatures, and both are equally effective. The same goes for foam insulation. A professional installer will choose a product that doesn’t lose its expanding properties in cold weather. As a general rule, windows can be installed in temperatures as low as -20 C. Won’t my house get chilly during the installation? A professional window installation company like Canadian Comfort will take care to ensure that your home loses as little heat as possible during the installation. In particular, they’ll take precautionary measures such as installing one window at a time and putting up plastic barriers. Besides, in almost all cases window installation is quick, so your home won’t be exposed to the cold weather for long. Can’t I just wait until spring? If you have old or inefficient windows that you’re planning to switch out, it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. Poor window insulation and air leaks will affect the temperature in your home the most during winter. By having energy efficient windows for the rest of the winter season, you’ll benefit from a lower energy bill. And if you have a window that has a leak, you can expect the issue to get worse during the winter and potentially lead to costly damage such as rotting, cracking or mould growth. A final advantage to a winter installation is that you may have more scheduling options. Since window installers typically experience a lull in business during winter, you may be able to book a more convenient time for your window installation. Winter window installation in Ottawa If you’re installing windows in winter, trust the pros at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors. Our Ottawa installation crews do efficient, tidy, high-quality installation work, no matter the season. And we carry only top-grade products from North Star and Gentek. To learn more, or for a free quote on window installation in Ottawa, contact us today.


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