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Natural light and health: the psychological benefits of large windows

Photo of a beautiful apartment with floor to ceiling sliding windows

When you’re making decisions about installing new windows, most considerations involve financial questions like property value or energy efficiency. But your choice of windows can also have an impact on the quality of life for those who use the space. Whether you’re selecting windows for a home or workplace, don’t forget to consider the following value-adds large windows can provide:

  • Increased happiness. You can’t put a price tag on contentment. Just spending your days by a generous bay window with an inspiring view of your natural surroundings can improve your mood. But beyond the pleasing outlook, the increased exposure to natural light provided by larger windows will help your body produce vitamin D and serotonin, both proven to improve mood and counter depression.

  • Better circadian rhythms. Improved sleep cycles have been associated with many health benefits, including increased immunity and reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. When you’re in a space with a large picture window letting in ample natural light throughout the day, your body receives the signals needed to release appropriate amounts of sleep-inducing melanin. You enjoy improved sleep and awake feeling better prepared to take on the day.

  • Accelerated healing. Can a great view of the outdoors improve your prognosis after an illness? Studies of surgical patients showed that those recovering in rooms with windows overlooking natural environments tended to stay in the hospital for shorter periods post-surgery. They also left fewer complaints on feedback forms and requested less pain-management medication.

  • Increased productivity. Workplace studies have revealed that workers exposed to natural light tend to have more focus and demonstrate a stronger capacity to tackle problems. Whether you work in a corporate building or a home office, large windows can improve your output and give you a more satisfying work experience.

A word of caution: avoid overexposure

Be aware that too much sunlight and heat can counteract the positive effects of natural light and may potentially do more harm than good. When installing new windows, be sure to choose energy-efficient products that minimize heat transfer and protect against harmful UV rays. Ask your window supplier about products with ENERGY STAR® certification and protective treatments like low-E coatings.

ENERGY STAR® windows in the Ottawa area

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is committed to supplying products suited to the unique climate needs of homes and businesses in Ontario. Our selection of windows includes options like triple glazing and low-E coatings for optimal energy efficiency. Residential and commercial clients can view our excellent inventory of windows at our Ottawa showroom. Contact us today to discuss your window needs.


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