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Patio doors not only offer convenient access to the patio or backyard, they also light up, ventilate and enhance the look of the room they’re in. If you have several rooms facing your backyard, here are some things to keep in mind when determining which one is the most suited for a set of elegant, functional patio doors.


The kitchen is an ideal part of the house for a patio door installation. As this room typically gets a lot of foot traffic and serves as a common area, it offers a convenient point of access to a patio and backyard. Plus, if you do a lot of cooking, it can get pretty hot in the kitchen during summer and patio doors are a great way to improve ventilation. BEDROOM Do you want to wake up to the sunlight streaming into your room? Or perhaps enjoy a gentle breeze while sleeping? If so, consider installing patio doors in your bedroom. For greater privacy, you can choose tinted glass. For example, North Star patio doors, which are available at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, can be customized to come with bronze- or grey-tinted glass. French and garden doors are also great choice for bedrooms. LIVING ROOM

The living room is another part of the home where families tend to spend a lot of time. With a patio door, you can make your living room that much more pleasant. What’s more, a patio door can add a stylish element to the room. If you choose a Gentek or North Star patio door, you can choose from between various stylish grid patterns, attractive accents and classic colours. DINING ROOM

Elegant patio doors or French doors can also be used to enhance the look of your dining room. Dining room patio doors allow you to enjoy the breeze, the natural light and the view of your backyard as you eat. And if you have little ones, it allows you to keep an eye on them as they play in the backyard while the adults remain at the table. CUSTOM PATIO DOORS IN OTTAWA

Regardless of where you install your new patio doors, make sure you choose a quality product. At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we carry patio doors from Gentek and North Star Windows & Doors. These patio doors are secure, durable, energy-efficient and backed by strong warranties. Contact us today to learn more about these patio doors and about our door and window installation services in Ottawa.


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