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Why Go Pro – Reasons to Choose Professional Window Installation for Your Ottawa Home

Photo of a person installing a window handle

Feeling a chill in the air? Shuddering at the sight of your electrical bill? Your windows could be at fault! Aging windows can cost you in more than just visual aesthetics – they could also be costing you money! 

It can be tempting to try and DIY the installation of new windows, but at Canadian Comfort, we strongly feel that professional window installation in the way to go for your home in Ottawa.

Here are a few reasons why. 

Compliance with Building Codes

Building codes provide regulations for design, construction, and modification of buildings, including homes. These codes exist to enforce a minimum standard of safety, health, accessibility, and functionality in buildings and violation of them can incur stiff penalties.  

At Canadian Comfort, we have intimate knowledge of building codes in Ottawa regarding structural integrity and load distribution for windows. Calling us for professional window installation allows you to feel more confident that these building codes are being met and that the structural integrity of your building will be maintained.

Energy Efficiency

Your old window is likely far less energy efficient than modern windows. Thanks to advances in technology, having new windows installed by a professional can provide savings on your energy bill by keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. 

A professional installer will know exactly how to properly seal, and weather strip any window, and manage any insulation necessary. It takes a pro to get the most out of new window installations!

Moisture Management 

One of the many things that can go wrong with a DIY window installation job is moisture management. Moisture is your home’s worst enemy; it can lead to water infiltrations – which can weaken the walls and overall structure of your home – as well as the creation of harmful mold can cause serious health issues for the people and animals living in your home.

When you come to a professional, such as Canadian Comfort in Ottawa, you’re getting an experienced installer that knows how to keep the moisture outside where it belongs. Proper sealing, proper flashing – these are all things that must be considered when putting a new window in that a DIYer might miss or not know how to do correctly. 

Hardware Knowledge for Increased Lifespan 

Another component of window installation that can be overlooked in a DIY installation is the hardware. Pieces such as handles, security bars, latches, locks, and more are all integral parts of any window and incorrect installation can lead to a reduced lifespan of the window. 

A professional window installation expert will have the knowledge necessary to ensure all elements of your window are properly affixed, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Aesthetic Appeal

The outer appearance of your exterior is a great source of pride for any homeowner; you want to make sure that your new windows complement your current home’s look for a seamless end product. Other factors such as alignment and symmetry can all contribute greatly to the curb appeal of your home.

At Canadian Comfort in Ottawa, our professional window installation experts can advise you on all these aesthetic factors to ensure you are able to get the most from your windows. 


Many window manufacturers have a warranty on their products, but that warranty can often be contingent on the proper, professional installation of the window. If you don’t want to be left out in the cold should a problem arise, trusting a pro is the way to go! On top of the manufacturer warranties being preserved we also give you our warranty which is a 10-year labor warranty for each installation!

Go with the Pro

If you want to check all the boxes for an optimal window installation, going with a professional installer is your best bet!

When you buy windows at Canadian Comfort in Ottawa and choose us as your professional window installation expert, you’re getting a service you can trust. Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that all concerns are addressed during the installation process, leaving you with secure windows and peace of mind!

To learn more, please give us a call today.


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